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It is my passion to help clients through the most significant moments of their lives.

Valerie Aliwarga

Growing up in an international family, I moved to 16 different homes before the age of 25 and became accustomed to the house hunting process at a young age. I’ve become empathetic to the feelings of suspense and the energy it requires to relocate into a new environment. Over the years I found beauty in this change and how to transform the nerves into excitement. Now it is my passion to help clients through the most significant moments of their lives.

My clients know me to be diligent, persistent, and a hard negotiator. I pride myself in using instincts to guide them through their real estate investments with integrity. Initiating my real estate career in Los Angeles, I sold apartment buildings to foreign investors on an extraordinary team. I moved to San Francisco to take my business to the next level and have since been featured in the Bay Area Women’s Magazine.

With a background in management, fashion show production and directing in the beauty industry, I honed my skills for capturing my clients’ vision and their goals; while balancing project operations, directing teams, and time management. I believe that powerful partnerships evoke success and have thus built my business with a foundation of strong relationships.

While working with clients, I’ve learned that nothing is more important than creating a foundation for the future. I consider the most valuable foundation starts with investing in your home. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell real estate, you need the information that prepares you for the most important decisions of your life. This is why I hustle for the details and use a data driven approach to negotiate in the real estate market. I will shed light on the reality of the deal and lead you to success. Allow me to use a Midwest work ethic and a California vision for your real estate goals. Every home has a story, what is yours?

Looking to Buy?

Ready to Sell?


Buyer Consultation Objectives

  • Connect with trusted lenders that use creative solutions to reach your financial needs.
  • Dive deep into what you and your loved ones need for your lifestyle.
  • Access to customized property searches, tours, and off-market opportunities.
  • Inform you with reality and educate you on the strategies to compete in the current market.

Personalize Your Search Together

1. Data driven approach to market analytics.

2. In-depth and personalized searches:

  • MLS search directly emailed to you
  • Compass coming soon
  • Custom curated Compass Collection
  • Off-market properties

3. Interested properties:

  • Comparative market analysis for pricing & offer strategy.
  • Monitor property using agent relationships with high-touch & high communication.
  • Custom curated Compass Collection
  • Negotiate using contracts to protect & terms to win.

Seller Consultation Objectives

  • Prepare a live comparative market analysis and coming soon report.
  • Access to our trusted team of contractors, marketing associates and designers.
  • Inform you with reality and educate you on the strategies to compete.
  • Access to an exclusive Compass Concierge service that covers the upfront costs that will prepare your home to compete in the highest level of the market.
  • Feature properties on Compass Coming Soon for competitive pre-marketing and exposure.

Selling California Lifestyles

Valerie has created a specific process that delivers comprehensive reach,
signature marketing and proven track record of success.

Comparative Home Sales for You

What is the current value of your home? Request the market research in your neighborhood!
I have become an expert in your neighborhood, so let me answer your questions. I will share with you the joys of change, transition, and finding home again.
If you would like a personalized approach to real estate, I am happy to dive to deep to understand all aspects of your goals. Please contact me to set up a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation.
More more information, contact: [email protected]

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Valerie Aliwarga is a leading real estate agent in California and has helped hundreds of buyers find their dream home.
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